GRV-2 Jet Bike Project

       These pages chronicle the construction of a home-built gas turbine powered motorcycle. The GRV-2 “Turbochopper” (as seen on TV) is an experimental turbojet powered jet bike that I have built for use as a learning tool. I have posted these articles for other enthusiasts to read and possibly benefit from. If you have any questions or comments about this project feel free to contact me.

Thanks, Don Giandomenico

       WARNING ! This project is posted for entertainment value only! Do not attempt to re-create this project as these articles are not written as “how-to” or “instructable” articles. There are no plans or engineered drawings on these pages so please do not attempt to build this project solely from the information posted on this site!!! RCDON is not responsible for damages or injury resulting from the information posted in these pages!!!

8/30/09 Building the front end - Part I

9/9/09 Building the front end - Part II

9/14/09 Building the bike stand

9/18/09 Building the rear assembly

9/23/09 Building the front assembly - Part I

9/27/09 Building the front assembly - Part II

10/1/09 Building the fenders & gauge panel

10/4/09 Plumbing the fuel tank

10/8/09 Installing the headlight & brake line

10/14/09 Building the control panel

10/18/09 Painting the bike

10/22/09 The GRV-2 trial runs

11/8/09 Building the afterburner

11/15/09 Building the burner duct flange

11/22/09 Finishing the burner duct

11/29/09 Plumbing the fuel injectors

12/6/09 Adding the spark plug fitting

12/16/09 Building the fuel manifold

1/3/10 Building the ACM

1/17/10 Testing the ACM

7/4/10 The GRV-2 afterburner speed trials

8/1/11 The GRV-2 is featured on TV!!!

       The GRV-2 Jet Bike has been added to a list of jet powered vehicles featured on a sound library that will be used for film and television licensing. Check out Rabbit Ears Audio for some sample sounds and pictures of the days recording. Maybe you will hear one of my jet creations in the next Spielberg movie ;0)

Download the GRV-2 Desktop Wallpaper Photo for your PC Desktop!!! Just open the link and right click on the photo once it downloads. Select “set as background” and you’re set!!!!

Here are a few links to some “home-built” jet engine projects:

“Turbojer” Jerry Green’s Home Page


       Thanks again for all of the positive comments about my projects. I appreciate your e-mails as they encourage me on my website efforts.

Thanks, Don Giandomenico

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