GRV-1 Turbotug Gas Turbine Vehicle

       These pages chronicle the construction of a home-built gas turbine vehicle. The GRV-1 “Turbotug” (as seen on TV) is an experimental gas turbine research vehicle that I have built to field test my gas turbine engines. I am posting this information for other enthusiasts to possibly benefit from. If you have any questions or comments about this project feel free to contact me.

Thanks, Don Giandomenico

       WARNING ! This project is posted for entertainment value only! Do not attempt to re-create this project as these articles are not written as “how-to” or “instructable” articles. There are no plans or engineered drawings on these pages so please do not attempt to build this project solely from the information posted on this site!!! RCDON is not responsible for damages or injury resulting from the information posted in these pages!!!

10/18/04 Building the drive system and alternator mount

11/20/04 Building the rolling chassis

11/27/04 Installing the steering system and pedals

12/01/04 Upgrading the GR-5’s systems

12/05/04 Building the ECU and control panel

12/15/04 Final assembly and testing of the GRV-1

1/1/05 Trial by fire!!!

       I had taken photos of the project as I was progressing through the construction of the GRV-1. I have put these Construction Photos together in an album for easy viewing. The photos may be helpful to those researching turbine powered vehicles.

       See a video of the       GRV-1 Turbotug run! Seeing is believing so check this one out!

Here are a few links to some “home-built” jet engine projects:

“Turbojer” Jerry Green’s Home Page


       Thanks again for all of the positive comments about my projects. I appreciate your e-mails as they encourage me on my website efforts. Be sure to check out the next phase of the GR series: The GR-7 Turbojet Project

Thanks, Don Giandomenico

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