6CI Steam Engine Project

       These pages chronicle the construction of a model steam engine kit. The PM Research 6CI Steam Engine is a full scale steam engine replica of a 1895 mail order catalog engine that was sold as a kit to amateur machinists of the day. I am posting my building experience of this kit for the benefit of other amateur machinists and those who are fascinated with steam power like myself. If you have any questions or comments about this project feel free to contact me.

Thanks, Don Giandomenico

       WARNING ! This project is posted for entertainment value only! Do not attempt to re-create this project unless you are aware of the possible danger associated with this type of project. RCDON is not responsible for damages or injury resulting from the information posted in these pages!

7/7/10 Getting started with the flywheel

7/11/10 Finishing up the flywheel

7/14/10 Machining the crankshaft

7/18/10 Machining the engine base

7/22/10 Machining the pillow blocks

7/25/10 Machining the crosshead frame

7/31/10 Machining the cylinder

8/4/10 Machining the cylinder heads

8/11/10 Machining the valve heads

8/16/10 Machining the crosshead

8/19/10 Machining the con. rod - Part I

8/26/10 Machining the con. rod - Part II

8/30/10 Machining the piston and valve

9/2/10 Machining the eccentric parts

9/5/10 Machining the valve rod linkage

9/7/10 Installing the gaskets/first “steam”

9/9/10 Painting the engine

9/12/10 Building the generator

       Thanks again for all of the positive comments about my projects. I appreciate your e-mails as they encourage me on my website efforts.

Thanks, Don Giandomenico


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