About Myself

       Hello, my name is Don Giandomenico and I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. I am an IBEW electrician from Southern California who enjoys all things technical. From as early as I can remember I have been taking apart engines, machines and electronics surplus to see how they tick. This “reverse-engineering” style of learning has been the basis for my “technical education”.
       My father was a mechanical engineer for the aerospace industry which initially sparked my interest in aircraft and jet propulsion. In fact my original goal in life was to be a mechanical engineer but I never quite made it to college to land an engineering degree. I did however manage to get a few years in at a city college studying cinematography which has also been one of my many passions.
       At the age of 22 I was accepted into the
IBEW Union Electrician apprenticeship program where I learned my trade. Since then I have been working on industrial-commercial electrical work in California as a foreman electrician. In my spare time I love to design and build all kinds of things from model airplanes to experimental gas turbine engines. Overall I love anything that has gears, motors or wires :0)
       When I am not working in the shop I am spending time with my beautiful wife Stacy and my two children Amelia and Vincent. We always manage to have a good time together and I always enjoy sharing my hobbies with the kids. With the unrelenting support of my family I will continue to learn about the technical sciences and hopefully be able to share my findings with the internet community.
       For now I really enjoy building and flying model airplanes as my primary hobby. I have learned a great deal about aerodynamics and fabrication design from building model aircraft. I have also managed to merge my love for film making into the hobby by producing
aerial videos. All in all it is a great hobby and I hope I can share some of the interest through this website.
       I thank God for the many blessings he has given me especially for my salvation through his son Jesus Christ. I am humbled by God’s grace and mercy and I am always mindful that all of my accomplishments are made possible by God. May God bless you and yours !!!

Take care my friends....

Don R. Giandomenico

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