MR1 Hexacopter Project

       These pages document my experience building an experimental multi-rotor aircraft. I have compiled some photos as well as building notes of my time spent building the project. I am posting this information for the benefit of other experimenters and aircraft enthusiasts. If you have any comments or questions about this project please feel free to contact me.

Thanks, Don Giandomenico

Note: Since this article has been written there have been many advancements in multi-rotor technology. The electronics used in this article may be outdated and unavailable in the current market. This article remains on this site as a reference and record of the MR1 Hexacopter Project and should be cited accordingly.

 5/29/11 Building the main frame hub and motor mounts

6/2/11 Building the landing skids and battery tray  

 6/6/11 Wiring up the fuse blocks and motors

6/10/11 Installing the speed controls, control board and RX  

 6/14/11 Installing the canopy and the first flight test

6/19/11 Setting up the auto-pilot and lighting system  

       Thanks again for all of the positive comments about my projects. I appreciate your e-mails as they encourage me on my website efforts.

Thanks, Don Giandomenico

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