Top Flite B-25J Mitchell Project

       These pages document my experience building the Top Flite B-25J ARF kit. I have compiled several hundred photos as well as detailed descriptions of the steps I took to assemble this large scale kit. Because of the sheer volume of information and photos in this build article I have decided to break it into sections for ease of accessibility. If you have any comments or questions about this project please feel free to contact me.

Note: The Top Flite B-25J ARF model has been discontinued since the writing of this article in 2008. I have chosen to keep this article on the site as a reference and record of the project as it still be of use to some builders...

Thanks, Don Giandomenico

 Page #1 Sealing the Monokote covering / Nacelle construction

 Page #2 Firewall modification for the Saito FA-90T twins

 Page #3 Mounting the engines / Retract installation

 Page #4 Installing the main retracts and nacelles

 Page #5 Installing the sequencing main gear doors

 Page #6 Installing the door servos / Engine cowls

 Page #7 Bending the exhaust pipes to fit in the cowl

 Page #8 Finishing the cowls

 Page #9 Finishing the inboard wing panels

 Page #10 Installing the landing lights

 Page #11 Building the tail section

 Page #12 Installing the nose gear doors

 Page #13 Installing the air lines and fittings

 Page #14 Installing the glow driver system

 Page #15 Installing the tail and wings

 Page #16 Installing the nose gunner assembly

 Page #17 Adjusting the CG and applying decals

 Page #18 Programming the radio and final setup


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