Where's RCDON???

       Hello again folks. It’s been a long time since I have had time to share any projects with my readers and for that I apologize. I have received many e-mails over the last year asking if I am OK and unfortunately I have neglected to keep my readers up to date on what’s been going on. I am indeed OK but have been slowly recovering from health related issues over the last year and a half :0/
       In the summer of 2015 I reinjured my back from an old injury/surgery I had in 2005. As a consequence I had to undergo spine surgery again which had left me in a somewhat painful recovery period. Fortunately I only lost a few months of work after the surgery however most days I have been too sore to do anything in the shop after work. As a result my site has not been updated for a couple of years!!!
       Despite my condition I have been been able to work on a few projects the last couple of months for which I plan to write some articles but most of my free time this last year has been spent with my family. I have been enjoying the company of my wife and kids and just taking it easy until my back can handle working in the shop or on the computer again.
       Overall it has taken more than a year for my back to settle down to the point that I feel good enough to be able to sit in front of a computer and write as I had before. Unfortunately I am a bit rusty and a lot of my creative momentum has been lost however I am slowly regaining my enthusiasm for my hobbies and hope to have a lot to share in 2017.
       I really appreciate my readers support and concern for my well being and again I do apologize for “falling off the radar” so to speak. I sometimes forget that as a community of experimentors/hobbyists that someone might actually wonder where I am and if I am OK :oP Well, I am OK now and getting back into the groove so stay tuned for more RCDON projects in 2017!!!

Thanks for being patient my friends!!

Don R Giandomenico

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