Paul Richardson

Posted on February 12, 2006

       This project was sent to me by Paul Richardson of Melbourne Australia. Paul writes: “My name is Paul Richardson and I'm an Australian turbine builder. Here are some photos of my finished engine which is based on the GR-1 engine. The turbo charger is a Borg Warner To4b which I bought on eBay. I also bought the oil pump on eBay as well. The engine frame is made from shelving material and some scrap aluminum. Most of the other parts were bought locally. The oil cooler comes from Summit Racing. I used the GR-1 combustor formula for my combustion chamber which works perfectly. The Engine idles at 2 PSI with an EGT of 430 deg C.  Max power is 16>17 PSI @ 580 deg C EGT. I am running propane gas for fuel. I find that the engine is easy to start and has good throttling characteristics. This engine has been a total success!!! I hope to start my next project soon.......... A gas turbine capable of powering a home built aircraft”.................         Paul Richardson, Melbourne Australia.

       Thanks for the awesome photos of your project Paul!!!....    Don G.


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