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       Hello friends! The National Geographic Channel had picked up a television series in 2011 about backyard inventors called “Mad Scientists”. The series featured several inventors and their greatest creations. Each inventor was given their own 30 minute episode in which the host challenged them to modify their creation into something it wasn’t originally built to do.
       I was lucky enough to be one of those inventors and had my own episode featuring the
GRV-2 jet bike. The episode was called “Jet Powered Office Chair” and I was chosen to tape the very first “pilot” episode back in February of 2011. I really had a lot of fun with the host (John Bowler) while building our office chair contraption ;0) It was such a surreal dream being on camera as I am a big fan of build shows like “Monster Garage”, “Overhaulin’ ” and “American Chopper” :0)
       It is super exciting to know that even the noncommercial backyard builder can get some recognition and I am super honored to be part of this series!!!

         The series originally premiered in October of 2011 on the National Geographic Channel including my “Jet Powered Office Chair” episode which first aired on November 23rd 2011 as the season finale. Check out this promotional video clip of the episode below!!!


       I really appreciate everyone’s support especially my fellow inventors who recommended me to the production company when they were searching for inventors. I am really honored to represent the numerous turbine builders and backyard fabricators out there, this one’s for you guys!!!!

Don R. Giandomenico - Author


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