Where's RCDON???

       Hello again folks. It’s been a long, long time since I have had time to share any projects with my readers and for that I apologize. I have received many e-mails over the last few years asking if I am OK and unfortunately I have neglected to keep my readers up to date on what’s been going on. I am indeed OK but have endured several setbacks, some of which have been health related.
       In the summer of 2015 I reinjured my back from an old injury/surgery I had in 2005. As a result I had to undergo spine surgery again which had left me in a somewhat of a painful recovery period. Between the two surgeries and just getting older it has taken a toll on my ability to work in the shop and write articles. I am however determined to change that and get back to what I really enjoy, sharing my projects!
       I have worked on several endeavors in the last three years including designing and printing RC related products, RC rock crawling and model railroading. Most of my “free” time has been occupied with 3D-printing which has resulted in a small business that has dominated my attention outside of my family and day job. This second “job” has really kept me away from writing articles and keeping the website current :o(
       I have recently made efforts to slow down my 3D-printing business and get back to what really makes me happy, building stuff! Hopefully this will enable me to get back to the mentality I had when I started this site 16 years ago and produce some meaningful content. This is my primary goal and I hope my readers will enjoy what I have to offer in the future.
       For those of you who have visited my site over the years and have supported me I cannot thank you enough. You are the true reason for my efforts and I consider it a great honor that you have chosen to read my articles and follow my projects. With all of the media platforms that are available today it would be easy to overlook a site like this however your continued support has and will keep me going into future!

       Thank you for visiting my site and please check back (no, really ;0) for future updates and I will try to do my best at recapturing what made this site special.

       Thanks again!

Don R. Giandomenico

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