Paul Clarke

Posted on March 11, 2005

       This project was sent by Paul Clarke of Geelong Australia. Paul writes:          “Hi, here are some photos of my engine that we built for $100 AUS. The turbo was off a 4 cyl car, the pump we used was a fuel pump off a injected 4 cyl which pumps the oil quite fine. All the rest off it, IE the frame, the hosing and all the rest was junk from my shed that I collected over the years and the transmission cooler was off my old car that I sold. The ignition I used was a car coil and a cordless drill with a set of points...”       Paul Clarke

       Thanks for sending me the photos Paul!!!   Don G.


       Paul added an afterburner to his engine, he writes: “I am running kerosene in the afterburner in these photos. I haven’t got a thrust rating yet but it pushes the stand along with no problem, with or without the AB. I still reckon its good for a car turbo. I am still building the go cart with a truck turbo off a Kenworth. Cant wait to get an AB on that one...”                                                               Thanks for the update Paul!           Don G.


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