AMA Show 2004

                                                                                                                                               Posted on January 14, 2004 by Don Giandomenico

       The 2004 AMA Show at the Ontario Convention Center was the center of all things remote control this last weekend and what a blast it was. The M.A.R.K.S. Club booth was a great success as well in that we were able to inform people of our club and what it has to offer. We had spoken with many modelers and even had a few join our club on the spot which makes our effort well worth the time. Who wouldn’t want to join a club as diverse and interesting as the MARKS Club with members that care about the future of the hobby. The MARKS Club is on the right track for promoting the hobby and uniting modelers that have the same interest in mind.

The Ontario Convention Center is a great venue for the AMA show!

       There was no ignoring our huge aircraft display as you could see our display from any part of the show floor! Those of us who were able to work the booth met many modelers from different walks of life, even some that had traveled across the country to be at this event! We had a good number of people sign up for the race plane raffle and we will soon announce the winner on Our hopes were to help generate an interest in our pylon race events this year. There is a new year ahead of us and there is no holding us back from making it the best one yet! As of now we have a great victory to celebrate in that we were able to accomplish all of the goals we set out to do at the show.

Chuck Comstock and Andreas Blaser getting prepared for the crowd to be unleashed.

Our booth display could be seen at the other side of the show at almost 14 feet tall!

George Manning and myself greeting a visitor to our booth.

       The success of our booth was the direct result of the memberships interest to promote MARKS and they really pulled together to make this event happen. There are many people to thank for their efforts in making this happen: The MARKS Club definitely thanks Chuck Comstock for spearheading this event. Chuck’s efforts were priceless in coordinating our presence at this years show. We definitely appreciate those who worked the show: Dan & Bill Payne, Scott Workman, Andreas Blaser, George Manning, Joe Augino, Pat Wahrer, John & Tricia  Richardson, Chuck Comstock and I was also very fortunate to be part of this team! The MARKS Club also thanks John Skolnick, Fred Pierce, Cliff Hollaway, Andreas Blaser, Scott Workman and DJ Steir for allowing us to display their beautiful models at our booth.

From left to right: John Skolnick, Fred Pierce and Chuck Comstock. A big thanks goes out to John, Fred, and Cliff Hollaway (not shown) for allowing us to showcase their priceless warbirds on our display. Thanks a bunch guys!

This is a underside view of the aircraft on our display rack.

Chuck Comstock, Andreas Blaser and myself sporting our new MARKS shirts.

       This years show had a terrific variety of venders and clubs. There wasn’t a booth that went empty with rumors of venders being turned away for the lack of space. It was a definite improvement from the Pasadena venue with more space for the show. I enjoyed walking the isles looking at all the new gear, marveling at all the attractive kits and ARF’s available now.

Some very cool aircraft were being offered all throughout the show

Our new club president George Manning was awarded second place in both sport jet and sport helicopter classes with his custom 4-stroke Miniature Aircraft helicopter and his BVM Viper ducted fan jet.

       There was some real tough competition in the static model event. The scale military class was well represented with most of the entries being in this class. Dozens of entries lined the display tables  with no empty spots left. It is awesome that we have this show to see these terrific models up close.

The place was packed on Friday and Saturday with wall to wall modelers all trying to get a peak at the latest and the greatest products.

       Everyone involved in the M.A.R.K.S. booth had something unique to offer and I am happy that I was a part of it. I thank all those who were involved and hope that we can represent The M.A.R.K.S. Club next year!

Don Giandomenico


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